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A roof is one of the most important parts of any shelter. Besides offering the complete outlook of any building, a roof offers protection from harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind and sunlight.

Like anything else, these outer coverings do wear out with time, could be due to old age or a piece of cladding or roofing tile has worn out. The intensity of the damage should help you decide whether you need a roof repair or a new roof restoration altogether.

The company is licensed and accredited with all the important roofing industry bodies. This ensures professionalism, reliability, and responsibility. All the employees are well-trained and experts in their field. Roof Restoration Melbourne Deals has a history of happy clients, great looking roofs and a lot of recommendations. Get a roof restoration quote now from one of our experienced roof representatives at Eastern Melbourne Roofing – http://easternmelbourneroofing.com.au/

The services offered cover a broad spectrum and include waterproofing, roof repair, roof building and insulation.


So, what are the tell-tale signs that your roof needs to be fixed?


Roof leakages.

Whether it’s on the floor or on the ceiling, this is one of the major signs of a damaged roofing system. See more info regarding our roof restoration services here


Some shingles are missing

If you have a shingle roofing, you may notice that some shingles are missing.

Heavy rainfall has been known to cause damage to shingled and wooden roofs, it’s therefore necessary to examine them during and after such seasons.


There’s residue in the gutters

How often do you inspect your gutters. In most cases, the residue from any roof damage will be eroded down to your gutter systems; therefore important to occasionally check them just in case you notice some unusual residue.


Daylight from the ceiling

If you notice light coming through gaps in the ceiling, then a roof repair is calling. In most cases, the opening through which the ray of light finds its way could also be allowing for some moisture in and thus the need of some fixing.

Roof damage doesn’t always require a new roof installation, in some cases, a repair will just help bring back your roof, as good as new.

Tips on how to fix your roof

As mentioned earlier, harsh weather and especially the rain could cause damage to your roof shingles. Same case applies to wooden roofs. This is how to repair both kinds of roofs

  1. Replace the damaged shingles (missing parts)- this involves removing the entire damaged wood or shingle and placing a new one.
  2. Repairing damaged shingles (could be broken but you got all the parts). The parts could be held back in place by nailing.
  3. Re-gluing the shingles that may have rolled up.

Shingle roofs can be repaired by non professionals, however if you cannot locate the exact point that’s damaged, then you need the services of a professional.

If its a leaking roof, the exact point where you notice the moisture leads you to the damaged location. In most cases, you only need to spot the exact sheet and replace that specific layer. Be sure to nail it properly and layer it correctly.


If you have tried the above and your roof still leaks, then look out other overhauls, such as the roof valleys. This might be lose and just need some tightening.

If after doing all this and your roof still has problems, a roof repair is not your option. It’s high time to consider a new roof.