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Important Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Roof Happy, Healthy and Doing its Job of Protecting You

You might think that your roof will take care of itself. It is, after all, there to protect you by braving the elements. What do you do when that barrier is no longer there? Don’t get to the point where you can answer that question. There are things that you can and should do to protect your roof.

Important Roof Maintenance Practices Include:

Do not walk on your roof

Your roof is held up by walls and structural pillars. If you are not sure where to step to avoid damage, rather stay away. Your roof is at the mercy of the elements it protects you from. This means that it might have weakened spots. If you were to step wrong, you could cause yourself a lot of problems. Avoid walking on your roof as far as possible. Rather contact a professional.

Clean your roof with care

It is important to keep your roof clean and gutters unclogged. However, make sure you know what products you can use for your roof. Certain chemicals may cause more problems especially if they are corrosive. Ask your roofer what you can use and do to clean your roof without causing damage. Alternatively, contact professional roof cleaners.

Avoid water pooling

Standing water on the roof is asking for trouble. To make sure that water does not pool on your roof, clean your gutters regularly. Make sure they have no blockages.

Leave repairs to the pros

We all try to save money by doing things ourselves. When it comes to your roof, you might want to put that practice aside. Your roof is very important and can become a very expensive problem if not taken care of. Any roof repair, replacement, and even painting should be left to the professionals.

It will cost you less to restore a roof than to replace it. Roof restoration services offer the most cost effective avenue to breathe new life into your roof, and if properly done will extend its lifespan by up to 15 years. It is also less involving and requires less time and materials. In that way, it is very convenient. Considering that it will cost you less than half per square foot to restore your roof than to replace it (restoration cost is estimated at $6 to $9 whilst replacement will cost you $18 to $22), restoration is the way to go. For more information see our contact page.

Regular inspections

You should visually inspect your roof about once a month. Schedule an inspection with a professional roofing company once a year. This will help you detect potential problems before they become major issues.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you and your roof should live happily for many years to come. If anything seems out of place, do not hesitate to contact a professional to do an inspection.